Your interim Project Manager

Every project needs a clearly agreed and common shared definition of objectives and specific goals to be achieved; Project management structure and responsibilities need to be put in place on time to avoid budget- and time overrun. A well-structured project does guarantee financial and operational targets are met

My support as your interim Project Manager starts with the establishment of a well-structured project definition in which project mission and specific targets are agreed upon, Cost-Benefit is discussed as well as project milestones defined. Project organizational structure with its control- and reporting system is established and a proper risk analysis done. Selection, induction and coaching of the respective Project Management Team will complete my support services


a.  Identification of Project-purpose and –objectives with you as client

b.  Project definition with agreed project-scope, -structure and -reporting & control system is done with and signed off by the Management Team

c.  Selection and induction of the required Project Management Team

d.   Coaching of the Project Manager

Benefits for your Company:

a.   Clear and agreed Project-mission, -objectives and –expectations

b.   Well documented project definition with a clear indication of budget, time plan and milestones as sound basis for a proper project management

c.   Clearly assigned project roles and responsibilities

d.  Project is delivered on time, within approved budget; agreed targets are achieved


Your Advantages:

  • Projects are not delayed and implemented on time
  • Good and continuous Project overview and -control
  • Well known and managed Project risks
  • Optimal use of project resources