YOUR Interim CEO

I will lead your company as Interim Manager through a transition phase caused by sudden shortage of top management capacity. Objectives of my management services will be clearly defined and agreed upon with you. Time limit of the mandate shall not exceed 6 to12 months.


a.   Leading the company through transition to minimize negative impact of a sudden exit of the CEO. Ensure focus on strategic and operational goals is maintained and company results are achieved

b.   Recruiting and induction of a capable CEO to re-establish a stable management structure at the shortest time possible

c.   Coaching the new CEO during its initial phase in his new job

Benefits for your Company:

a.   Limit negative impact to the whole organization, its customers, suppliers and shareholders due to a sudden exit of a key executive

b.   Focus on Company objectives is maintained; short- and long-term financial commitments are fulfilled and jobs secured

c.   Whole organization and its processes will be analyzed, improvement potentials identified and implemented accordingly

Your Advantages:

  • Immediate support to bridge a shortage on a Top Management position
  • Support is tailored to the specific needs of the company; can be full- or part-time
  • Short Management interruption, limiting negative impact to the business
  • New ideas brought into the organization and its processes