Interim Management

Good reasons to work with me as your Interim Manager:

  • A loss of a Top Managemer affects considerably the normal business .....
    • As your Interim CEO, I am available on short notice to close that gap and ensure continuity of normal business activities until a good and definitive replacement is installed
  • Projects very often are delayed due to lack of appropriate experienced Project personnel.....
    • As your Interim Project Manager I will give your Project a "Kick-start" and ensure with my vast experience the optimal Project structure as basis for a successful start and completion of the Project


As your Interim Manager I am:


  • Available on short notice
  • Responsible for implementation
  • Flexible und mobile
  • A source for new ideas from "outside"
  • Cost transparent
  • Non-biased due to:
    • no past and future in the company
    • not influenced from "internal politics“
    • neutral and objective in his approach to problems


As your Interim Manager I am immediately available and able to start working on site to solve an acute and urgent company issue without delay